CD LAUNCH Class 2012…a great success

In it’s continued efforts to assist it’s associates with their success, ConferenceDirect hosted it’s annual ConferenceDirect “Launch” class recently in Orlando.  This class is specifically geared towards helping associates “launch” their career with CD or move it to the next level.

The following are some quotes from attendees:

“I am contracting this month for a group in 2013 and have also been given three referrals to call, two from current clients and one from a “friend of a friend”.  I have post it notes of my revenue goal and where I am with it posted ALL over the house, in my car, etc.  I met a wonderful woman last week at an industry event and I have a “seven step” chart filled out for her, and the other prospects I have.  I am now on a committee with PCMA.  I’ve begun my personal “incentive plan” with people in my life who can help bring me to my goal.  It’s a blast talking about it!To quote my husband, I am “kicking XXX and takin’ names”   

I’m now on the Planning Committee for the SGMP Fall Education Conference.  I’ve gone back though my warm circle of family/friends and reminded them

of what I do and that yes, I do have time for more clients.    On Wednesday I made a promising a contact on a tradeshow floor with a sales rep who was very

interested in what I do.  He eagerly agreed to give my contact info to those in his company who arrange meetings.   I’m doing a follow up call to him next week.   And lastly, today (finally!) I am getting the signed contract for that 600 room piece of business for the new client I mentioned during Launch!”

 “I have nailed down my industry membership (MPI) and I’m meeting with a board member today to get my committee assignment.

In terms of business activity, I have contracted one new booking since coming back (140 room nights for next month) and yesterday received a 3 year RFP (approx 3000 room nights) from a group I have been in dialogue with since last spring…..

Expecting one more new account to also come on in the next few months once they wrap up their 2013 planning….This one came from opening up dialogue with a friend who’s brother is in the furniture business. Anyhow, I spoke to him on Wednesday and as it turns out they do a 250 person convention every year and he has all but said I could run with the RFP for their next open year…I have turned the corner!”

The commitment to ConferenceDirect Associates and their success through training continues at ConferenceDirect.

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