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After being with Marriott for over 16 years, the decision to taken a leap of faith and join ConferenceDirect was one that required thought and evaluation. It was important that I join a company that aligned with two of my personal values of integrity and reputation. After researching ConferenceDirect it was very evident that these values were a big part of CD’s foundation.
The other important qualities were would my perspective clients be attracted to what I could now offer them and meet all of their meeting needs? It was clear ConferenceDirect was a full service meeting planning company and I would be able to help my clients achieve all of their goals successfully.
Lastly, being a former educator, I have always placed a very high value on education and training. Establishing that ConferenceDirect placed a strong emphasis on training confirmed I would be well prepared for success. ConferenceDirect has an incredibly passionate trainer who is dedicated to training new and existing associates for success. CD immerses new associates in training first and foremost. The opportunity for continuous training is always present whether through new hire conference calls, the ability to re-visit ConferenceDirect University or the intensive training we receive at our Annual Partner Meeting.
My objectives and requirements were met and the decision to join was made with confidence. A few years in with CD…I honestly feel the sky is the limit!

Why Be Independent When You Can Work With ConferenceDirect? – Lynn Golabowski


  1. You have an established brand behind you. ConferenceDirect has 290+ associates, a full service meeting planning division, housing & registration division and a corporate office for support. No matter what your client needs, we can help. You have instant credibility when you work with ConferenceDirect. We continually market the brand to the industry. Hotel companies know and respect the ConferenceDirect brand.  It takes years to establish this kind of reputation in the marketplace.


  1. A process is in place for conducting site searches. The hotels are familiar with our leads and response forms and know how to work with us. Our established relationships with hotel companies are yours once you join us. You will not need to spend time finding your own contacts. Once you affiliate with the ConferenceDirect brand, the hotels understand your brand. They pay close attention to all your business.  ConferenceDirect Associates utilize our electronic rfp program to distribute leads.  This system is connected to the hotels and creates an complete report of the search.


  1. You have an office staff for back up. When you are away on vacation, a business trip or are really busy, CD Sitepro will help you take care of your clients. Your clients do not have to wait for you to return to the office. You can book business even when you are out of the office!  Most importantly…there is a program in place to help serve your customers when you may not be in a position to do so yourself due to business (on site inspection as example) or personal (vacation) reasons.


  1. There is a huge networking opportunity. You have over 290 associates to get assistance from. Maybe it is a question about site selection or how to negotiate a contract clause…a large network is at your fingertips. The networking is invaluable. In addition, annual conferences and customer events are other opportunities to network and improve your skills. Being part of a larger group has its benefits.  Additionally, all bookings in the history of ConferenceDirect are listed on the company intranet, by hotel with rate and roomnights information, to help ConferenceDirect Associates help their customers.


  1. There is a full time staff dedicated to collecting your receivables. Your receivables are followed up on in a timely manner and you receive updates as to their status. You do not have to make contact with the hotel to get paid. It is all done for you.


  1. Business supplies such as business cards, letterhead, brochures and a website are already created…turn key start up. No need to create your own. You also have access to letter templates, customer presentations and many other documents which all exist on ConferenceDirect Interactive, the company’s intranet. ConferenceDirect has created all of the forms you need to conduct business.


  1. You have a Regional at your disposal. These people are available for training and will even go on sales calls with you. They can provide guidance on setting up your office and establishing your “business”.


  1. Advance Hotel Commissions – ConferenceDirect has a program with most of the major brands and many of the independents where you can receive half of your anticipated commission at the time of the booking, the balance when it goes through the hotel.  When you have a booking less than 24 months out…you can be paid sooner versus later with ConferenceDirect.


  1. Corporate Contracts / Pre negotiated terms – ConferenceDirect has pre-negotiated contracts at many of the major brands.  The terms we have negotiated are available to ConferenceDirect Associates when booking the participating brands immediately versus the “back and forth” that so often occurs between customer and hotel on issues such as attrition, cancellation, etc….additionally our terms on the standard agreements are terms most customers would not get on their own.


  1. You share commissions for a very good reason. The sales process, marketing materials and an established brand is in place for you. No need to do it yourself. Once you get started, you will realize that affiliating with ConferenceDirect saves a lot of time and energy getting established in a business and is well worth the commission sharing. It gives you the opportunity to focus on sales and increase your revenue stream. You can focus on servicing your clients.

Lynn Golabowski – Vice President / Team Director, ConferenceDirect



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