ConferenceDirect Annual Meeting – 2011…a great success

We just completed the ConferenceDirect Annual Meeting in Washington, DC and it was a great success.  We had over 200 ConferenceDirect Associates attend along with 600 Industry Partners who wanted to learn more about doing business with ConferenceDirect, meeting our associates and through our tradeshow pick up a lead, booking, etc.

From an internal standpoint the primary goals and objectives for our Annual Meeting are:

Train – Work with our associates on topics and issues most important to their success at ConferenceDirect.   This was achieved through various general session and breakout presentations.  The sessions ranged from contract negotiation sessions,  working effectively in the ConferenceDirect model / best practices to an amazing presentation by the Ritz Carlton Leadership Institute on how we can best serve our customers.  We work hard to put together an agenda that does in fact contribute to the success of our ConferenceDirect associates but equally important help them demonstrate and deliver value to their customer relationships.

Recognize / Motivate – We have our annual awards dinner each year at our meeting.  This year the event was held on Sunday Night of the conference at the beautiful National Museum for Women in the Arts.   The night was great, people we motivated, inspired and most important I am confident the award winners went away feeling recognized and appreciated.   I am also confident those not recognized went away motivated to “take it to the next level” next year.

Network / Relationships - We often say the greatest resource at ConferenceDirect is each other/ the associates.   Our meeting provides the opportunity for associates to catch up with colleagues they have known at CD for years but also new associates that appreciate any tips or advice they may have for them.  It is great to see the ConferenceDirect Associates enjoying each others company through the week.

Product Knowledge / Know the industry – With over 6oo of our partners in for the conference we have a tradeshow that allows us to get to know them and the products they represent better.  We find out about what’s new in the industry, renovations, negotiate further for our customers on outstanding contracts and possible future business.  This forum provides us an amazing opportunity to get to know the industry as much as possible ot help us help our customers.

Reflecting back I am confident all 4 goals and objectives were achieved at our annual conference and our associates went home….tired for sure…..but with plenty momentum and confidence to serve their customers well and achieve great success in 2011.

Brian Richey

Chief Talent Officer / Executive Vice President


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